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Mr Hankey's BUTT BOLT Butt Plug: XXL | 7 Inches

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The stunning BUTT BOLT Butt Plug by Mr Hankey's is designed to resemble a Hex Bolt. This plump and sumptuous anal pleasure device features gorgeous twisting screw curves, which have been designed to grind your hole into orgasmic bliss and wake up all of those delicious internal nerve-endings.

The BUTT BOLT comes in a stunning silver silicone with a 75% softness for a firmness-yet-give which mimics the feeling of an erect cock.

Go Screw Yourself.

Circumference at tip: 9.00"
Circumference at centre: 11.50"
Circumference at neck: 7.25"
Overall length: 7.00"
Insertable length: 5.50"

100% Silicone with 75% 'softness'

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