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Cell Block 13 GRIDIRON Jock Shorts | Orange

Quick Overview

Taking inspiration from American football (think Rugby but with helmets, padding, and people shouting ‘Hut!’), the Gridiron range from Cellblock is a showstopper. Combining sporty detail with fetish accents, it’s the perfect gear for anyone aspiring to be Most Valued Player, however you’re playing!

The Gridiron Jock Shorts are a stunning pair of football-fetish fantasy shorts, with large panels of black, diamond-textured rubber running down the outside of each leg. The pouch is made with a super-soft nylon-spandex mix, and the black-piped exterior features an eye-catching, bulge-enhancing 1 ¾ inch wide textured rubber stripe. On the inside, the nylon-spandex lining will feel great rubbing up against your junk – so it’s a good thing the material provides plenty of stretch, ‘cause you’ll need it!

The waistband is a sturdy, 2-inch wide band in Cellblock’s signature masculine style, with a single coloured stripe and a large CELLBLOCK 13 written across the back. Stopping short at the front for an imagination-teasing sneak peek (or an easy escape route for your cock), the waistband connects to reinforced front panels with metal eyelets for the lace-up front feature. With an open back for showing off your ass, the fabric hugs, clings and lifts in all the right ways – you’re sure to be the most valued player, wherever you are!

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