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Oxballs PUG Puppy Tail Butt Plug | Green & Black Swirl

Quick Overview

Finish off your PUPPY PLAY look with this divine 'Colour Swirl' Puppy Tail Butt Plug by Oxballs at Clonezone. You can flag your fetish or mix n’ match with your favourite gear. Let the world know you’re in to with just a simple wag of the tail!
Made from Oxballs’ signature Pure Platinum grade silicone, this firm-yet-plump Puppy Tail. The deliciously rubbery material has enough give to feel comfortable internally but is firm enough to give you that delicious 'full' feeling that only a perfect butt plug can deliver.

Please note: Each plugs swirl design is different as they're handmade. Yours will not match the picture perfectly. The ergonomically tapered plug has been specially designed for long time use. The soft flexible silicone tail hangs naturally and when paired with the flared plug-base, you can freely move it around by simply clenching and unclenching your hole.

Usable Plug Length: 3”/ 7.62 cm
Smallest Usable Plug Circumference: 3”/ 7.62 cm
Largest Usable Plug Circumference: 5.25”/ 13.335 cm
Tail Length: 10.5”/ 26.67 cm
Total Length: 14”/ 35.56 cm
Weight: 8.9 oz

100% Platinum Grade Silicone

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