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Mr Hankey's CHODE Foreskin Dildo | 11.5 Inches

Quick Overview

Do you want to explore DEPTH and STRETCH but aren't quite ready to jump to the enormous XXL Hankeys Toys? Let us introduce you to CHODE.

CHODE is no beginners toy as his size is big and beefy... but he's great for LARGE Dildo players who want to up their game. It's an extreme toy (in terms of the circumference) but isn't as huge as the other toys in it's length. This gorgeous dildo features ultra-realistic foreskin detailing, from an unretracted head, and heavily veined shaft - whilst being covered in skin detailing.

The Chode is a powerhouse cock that will fill you up like nothing else!

Please note: CHODE doesn't come with the balls in the image. This is to show it's tip to Clonezone customers.

Circumference around head: 8.50"
Circumference near the middle of shaft: 9.25"
Circumference near base: 10.50"
Overall length: 11.50"
Insertable length: 10.50"

100% Silicone with 75% Softness

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