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SPUNK Hybrid Lube | 64oz

Quick Overview

SPUNK Lube is a hybrid of Silicone and Water-based lubricant that looks like Cum.

SPUNK is white and creamy and feels unlike any other lubrication available. SPUNK offers you the best of both worlds - it lasts like silicone but cleans up simply (and stain free) like Water-based lube.

SPUNK is a great addition to your bedside table. It’s condom safe, safe to use with ALL sex toys, it won't ruin your underwear or sheets - PLUS it looks like cum! It’ll make you hornier during the big event.

We love SPUNK because it doesn’t get sticky, plus it's odourless and doesn’t taste like chemicals. The customer reviews we have received about SPUNK have been overwhelming - You’re going to love this personal lubricant formulated especially by the gorgeous Str8cam Jeff for Gay Men.

Each bottle of SPUNK comes with an easy-to-use pump nozzle top.

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