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BREEDWELL Glowing LED Jockstrap System | Blue

Quick Overview

The GLOW Jock System comes in two parts; the LED leg straps (which wrap under your bum cheeks) and the waistband in your size of choice, which features a bulge-supporting fabric pouch. Snap legstraps to black pouch and pull Breedwell logo end of straps into buckles on waistband. Adjust straps to as tight as you like on your butt. You are ready to go.

Please note: This is just the jock with glowing rear straps and not the glowing front pouch.

Small: 28"-30"
Medium: 30"-31"
Large: 32"-34"
Extra Large: 35"-36"

How does it work?
The Breedwell Jockstrap system is rechargeable, so doesn't rely on batteries. A full charge takes 2 hours and lasts up to 6-8 hours on flashing mode.
Do not overcharge.

Important info:
3 light modes: slow, slow pulse, and fast pulse.
Jockstrap base is machine washable after LED straps are removed. Remove LED lights and battery before washing.

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