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Wruff Stuff DOBERMAN | Pinscher Pup Hood: Black & Tan

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The reason we love WRUFF STUFF so much is that it's made by a someone with passion and it shows. The owner of this gorgeous brand was looking for a hood in November 2015 for his Pup and couldn't find one that expressed the personality and character that this pup had... so WRUFF STUFF was born.

This 3-D hood is made with love and it shows when you put it on. The sumptuous neoprene is flawless formed into a puppy face; with big, expressive ears, a tailored brow, eye sockets, cheeks and a big gorgeous nuzzle-ready nose that reaches down to a contoured chin and sticky-out tongue.

This hood:
Designed and coloured in the style of a Doberman/Pinshcer in Black & Tan neoprene.

Please note that the Wruff Stuff hoods are fully adjustable using webbing straps at the rear for maximum comfort and a perfect fit during Puppy Playtime.

Machine washable.

Made in Manchester, UK.

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