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DOXY Die Cast - Powerful Vibrating Massage Wand | Polished Silver

Quick Overview

This incredible sex toy is the ULTIMATE sex-cessory for all types of erotic playtime. The DOXY range comes staff recommended at Clonezone.

It's hard to explain the intense, deep, rumbling power of the DOXY until it's in your hands. This massage unit is made from polished aluminum/titanium alloy in Cornwall, UK using a high pressure (550 tons) injection, cold chamber die casting machine. After casting the Doxy's stunning body goes through a five-stage polishing process that brings up the high lustre finish.

Controlled by 3 buttons on its sexy shaft, you can increase, decrease and switch the unit on-and-off using it's blue LED light-up buttons.
- POWER to switch on-and-off
- PLUS (+) to build up the vibration
- MINUS (-) to reduce the vibration

- 12-foot power cord
- Variable speed from 3000rpm to 9000rpm
- Variable escalation pulse setting
- Plugs into your mains - no need to charge or use batteries

Length - 13.5 inches
Circumference at widest point - 7.9 inches
Weight: 830 grams

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