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Sir Richard's SOAK N' STROKE - Tug It Out Silicone Shower Masturbation Polish 8 oz.

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We know that our customers lead busy lives and sometimes you have to do two things at once. Pair your morning / evening shower with a good old wank, courtesy of TUG IT OUT Masturbation lube in luxuriously silky silicone from Sir Richard's at Clonezone. Solo shower sessions have never been so much fun.

TUG IT OUT is an silicone-based masturbation lube that works beautiful well with water, without drying out or being washed out. Silicone lube is smooth, velvety smooth and leaves skin feeling baby-soft and moisturised. Your cock and balls won't get sticky - it'll polish your knob and balls, leaving you feeling like a silky smooth king.

Come's in a convenient shower caddy shaped bottle.
8oz or 237ml.

Not condom safe. Do not use with condoms.

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