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SPIT to Reactivate ® Water Based Lubricant 100ml - Pocket Sized

Quick Overview

SPIT now comes in a handy pocket-sized bottle for easy-access on your ventures. SPIT was designed especially BY gay men FOR gay men.

Why is it called SPIT? The name comes from this lube’s unique selling-point; when your squirts of lube start to wear out, spit on it to reactivate it. You can awaken the lube again by getting it wet – double the fun with half the lube. SPIT TO REACTIVATE

You can use SPIT for masturbation, anal-sex and body contact massage. SPIT can also be used with most of our gay sex toys.

SPIT lasts for a long time, making it IDEAL for anal-play as you don't need to keep re-applying it. We have tested SPIT at Clonezone HQ to rave reviews.

- SPIT on it to reactivate its sexy water-based formula
- Condom Safe
- Contains skin-friendly aloe-Vera
- Paraben and Spermicide free
- Ideal for anal play

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