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Titus Head Glans Ring with Ball

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Quick Overview

You may think that you know what a firm grip is, but you have no idea if you’ve never had a sturdy piece of metal circled around your cock adding pleasure and sensation with every movement. As you get harder, it gets tighter, and the pleasure gets greater. This simple little ring is meant to slide over your head and give a sturdy grasp right where your shaft meets your head. The ball on the bottom should add more pleasure as it presses down on your glands to stimulate a sensation that will radiate through the rest of your cock and your entire body. You would never expect that such a small simple piece of metal could make such a difference. There are plenty of different sizes to choose from, so pick the one that’s big enough for you and tight enough to give you the awesome feeling that you are looking for. A welcome addition to fun with a partner or fun by yourself, it’s safe to use and easy to clean since it’s made completely of stainless steel. You may not think that it looks like much, but wait and see how big a difference this ring can make.


Ball: 10mm in diameter.
Steel Ring: Made of 3.2mm thick stainless steel.

Please choose the diameter of the glans ring required from the drop down list above. All are fitted with a 10mm ball.

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