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Titus Stainless Steel DONUT Cock Ring | Size Options

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Quick Overview

For a nice snug feeling that you can have any time of the day or night, consider the Titus Stainless Steel Donut. The ingenious design of this small device has been created to be worn for long periods of time and move with you as you go through whatever business you please. The curved edges roll you’re your skin gently while providing continuing pleasure. Whether you are wearing this to enhance some fun with a partner or you’ve got it on under a bunch of clothing while walking around by yourself, this ring stays comfortable while maintaining a nice grip on you. It’s just like someone has there had around your member at all times, reminding you of your sexual desires and experiences.

Cock rings are great for guys who want to stabilize their erection and keep themselves from finishing too soon. Rings are also great for guys with erectile dysfunction as they allow you to relax and focus on your own pleasure rather than worrying about going soft. Made from 100% stainless steel, it’s easy to clean and will not break under the pressure you or your cock.

Choose from three different sizes on the drop down (45mm, 50mm, 55mm) to get the tightness you desire and the results you deserve.

15mm high, 8mm thick

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