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COLT ® Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit™

Quick Overview

Let’s be honest - it’s not easy to take it up the butt. Some guys were lucky enough to have a very small first partner or a very welcoming hole. Most of us just suffered through it until we finally got used to the feeling and could derive some pleasure from it. Wouldn’t it be great if there had been a way to train your ass while avoiding all the pain and discomfort? That’s where the Colt Anal Trainer Kit comes in.

This amazing set of three anal plugs, when used in moderation with plenty of lube, will help train you for the real deal as well as bigger and better things. Each black plug is made of a firm yet flexible material that allows for easy insertion in your tight little hole.

Begin with the 12cm plug and when you are comfortable with that you can move up to the 14cm and 16cm plugs. These plugs have easy to grip handles at the base and can also suction onto most flat surface for hands-free enjoyment.

Use by yourself or with a trusted partner. The plugs in this kit are easy to clean and antibacterial friendly. What are you waiting for?

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