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National AIDS Trust

We are very excited to collaborate with the incredible team at National AIDS Trust for their 2018 'Rock The Ribbon' campaign.
Purchase your commemorative ribbon from Clonezone and we will donate 100% of proceeds to NAT.

Here are a few things that National AIDS Trust have achieved over the years:
- Changed the law to protect people living with HIV from discrimination.
- Stopped employers from asking if you have HIV before you get a job, and protected you in your job.
- Everyone in the UK can access free HIV treatment, wherever they are from. Now, more than 78% of people living with HIV are doing well on treatment and can’t pass the virus on because of their medication.
- Made sure that police and prosecutors must follow strict guidelines when responding to complaints about HIV transmission.
- Increased access to safe donated blood by ending the discriminatory lifetime ban on gay men.
- Reduced poverty, they convinced the Government to change how they interview people who need benefits because people living with people HIV have symptoms that vary from day to day.
- When an HIV prevention pill became available they fought to make sure you could get it. And they won.
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