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Bombie Jander

"Bombie Jander is the fearless queer warrior that lives inside of each of us. The butch. The femme. The twink. The muscle. Bombie is the size queen. The ass man. The leather daddy. The dominant and the submissive. Bombie is not boxed in by gender, sexuality, heteronormativity, or homonormality. Bombie Jander is the Unicorn."

This provocative, though-provoking and downright sexy brand is the newest addition to the Clonezone family. Bombie Jander takes inspiration from the raw, the empowered and the totally outrageous - which is why we love it. We love their unapologetic approach to sexy, kitsch t-shirts and gear.

Treat yourself to Bombie Jander with fast & tracked worldwide shipping from Clonezone UK.


2 Item(s)


2 Item(s)